Theft can occur anywhere and any place.

    While you can’t control what other people do, you can make it harder for your possessions to “walk away” or your house to play host for unwelcome “guests.”

    We’ve got the information to help you.

    WHN TIP – Be safe, be smart and be prepared!

  • Partner and State Links

    Health / Life Be there for a friend or loved one in need – learn great tips at What Friends Do. Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) has resources you can use, from food safety to field safety, from physical to psychological, and from government to community development. Here’s a general link to help you find a Better […]

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  • Choosing A Car

    Some cars are stolen more frequently than others. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the Honda Accord topped the list of the most stolen cars in 2015. Want to know what cars are targeted by thieves in your area? Check with your local police department. Buying a car? Ask about security systems or features that […]

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  • Buying a Home Security System

    If you are in the market for a home security system, here are some starter questions: What is included in a basic security system? Most basic security systems include exterior door sensors, window sensors and an alarm control panel with a touchpad. If you’re worried about break-ins, this might be sufficient for your needs. At […]

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  • Wallet / Purse Theft — What to Do

    WHN TIP – Be Prepared! Download and complete our Purse or Wallet Theft Checklist so you know what you had inside if it goes “missing”! WHN TIP – Advice from Experts: Listen to this podcast for tips on how to describe a suspect. Immediately Be safe, be smart. Be sure you are in safe surroundings. If you […]

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  • Home Break-In – What To Do

    WHN TIP – Advice from Experts: Listen to this podcast for tips on how to describe a suspect. If You Suspect a Burglar Be safe, be smart. Do NOT go into your home. Go to a neighbor’s house to call the police. Call the police. Be ready to provide the following information: Your name Address […]

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  • Tips for Preventing Home Theft

    Practice Intruder Smarts Teach your family about home security. Explain your security precautions and emphasize the role they play in keeping your home secure. Ask them to remember always to lock the door and keep a careful watch on their keys. Show them where the keys to internal locks are located in case they have […]

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  • Car Break-In: What To Do

     WHN TIP – Advice from Experts: Listen to this podcast for tips on how to describe a suspect. Immediately Be safe, be smart. Get to a safe place. Call the police. They will ask for a description of what is missing from your car. (Remember your trunk, glove compartment, anywhere else you kept items.) Download […]

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  • Top Tips to Avoid Car Theft

    WHN TIP – Advice from Experts: Watch the video below to learn what can make your vehicle a “hard target” that thieves avoid. 1. Know Your Car Know your license plate number. Know your Vehicle Identification Number. Also called “VIN” – it’s usually found on the dashboard near the steering wheel and also on the […]

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  • Keeping Your Home Safe While You Travel

    Here are some smart “insider tips” from industry professionals and everyday travelers we interviewed that cover the preparation of your home while you are on vacation. The House: Main Rooms Have a friend, family member or trusted neighbor check on your house. Give the person your house keys and security codes (if necessary). WHN TIP […]

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  • Identity Theft–What to Do

    If you think your identity has been stolen, here are tips from the Federal Trade Commission for what to do. Take Action Quickly WHN TIP – Provide Necessary Information: You may be asked to provide your billing address, phone number, date of birth, social security number, etc. for verification purposes. Gather the following information: Credit […]

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